5 cosplay ideas for black girls

Comic book conventions are not what they used to be and neither is cosplay. We mean that in all the best ways! Even just 10 years ago there was a part of the fanbase that didn’t have a lot of source material or even really included. That fanbase is: Black women.
In the past there was one or two characters that were prominent in stories. But now as our subculture evolves and expands, so do our pool to choose from. 
Here at the Nerds Next Door, we’re going to list 5 great characters for Black women who love cosplaying- in no particular order, let’s go!

1. Storm(X-Men):

Yes we know, we know! But it was inevitable that she would be on this list. As the regal and fierce queen she is regarded as, this X-Men is as classic and beautiful as they come. With a great range of costumes over the years. This can be customized pretty much to your taste.From the classic all white ensemble to the edgy mohawk looks. The African goddess Storm, is great for any girl who’s a mutant at heart.

2. Shuri(Black Panther):

This is a new one and easily one of our favorites on this list! The bright and brilliant princess of Wakanda, is both the Black panther herself and a amazing tech genius. Shuri is a great character to cosplay. With her own heroic Black Panther outfit or one of her casual, yet oh so fashionable outfits. Shuri is another on this list that is open for many different stylistic takes in the cosplay department. If you feel your Wakandan heart beating proudly, this Disney/marvel princess Shuri, is for you.

3. Garnet(Steven universe)

With the fiery strength of ruby and ice cold grace of sapphire. Garnet is a no stranger to being a stand out leader to her fellow gems.  Great for any young black woman who wants to be head(and hair) above the crowd. In the iconic fro and cool shades, and even cooler curves. Grab your Steven and step out in style. Forget shining bright like a diamond, if you have the power of gems on your side, you’ll want to shine bright like Garnet.

4. Nubia(Wonder woman)

Rivaling the ferocity of the gods themselves. Nubia is more than just Wonder woman’s twin. With curves and nerves of steel, this sister does not reside in her sibling’s shadow. Nubia is a hero in her own right and never backs down from a fight. With her gauntlets on hand and sword by her side, Nubia is the DC Demi-goddess you’ll want to pay tribute to. So if you were made from beautiful black clay, you will be a work of art just like her.

Honorable mentions

1-Red beetle

2- Selena Kylie/Eartha Kitt Catwoman

3-Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau

5. Whoever-the-hell YOU want to be

Be the character you want to be. The character you most relate to. The character that you adore! Doesn’t matter your difference in height, weight, gender, or skin tone. Let your melanin pop in a Sailor Moon cosplay or let them know your brute strength as you Hulk out.
Don’t compromise your love of characters or your cosplay. It’s all in good fun and it’s for everyone. Be beautiful and be comfortable! Be the character you feel in your heart!


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